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The b4architects associated is an architect firm based in Rome. The firm will provide architectural services using a specific design process for each customer providing greater additional value and enhanced design and construction.

The principals architects and co-founders are Gianluca Evels and Stefania Papitto and the firm utilizes a tested working team and a professional external network of consultants.

Our approach to any project is to involve all parties in a creative collaboration to define the objectives of the project with a balanced combination within critical readings of the local context and the “outsider” perspective of us. The work on pre-existent spaces and the interior design projects try to explain all the available elements in a new synthesis: the traces of the history of the building, the expectations of the client, psycho-sensorial aspects of the architecture fused in a continuous spatial and visual tale.

Measuring us from urban and landscape design until restoration, interior design and object design, in a process that involve specific competences, always respecting  the environmental characteristics. We are interested in producing works that contribute to the debate of the complexity of modern life.

We also dedicate to further activities, like some different experiences at the university of Rome or taking part at some international workshops, with the aim to be active in the debate about contemporary architecture. The office attend to building energy consulting both for new construction and for renewal of existing building as ClimateHouse-Expert-Planner.

The projects of b4architects have been exposed in different cities around Europe (Barcelona, Bratislava, Brno, Copenhagen, Dordrecht, Florence, Helsinki, Kirkenes, London, Moscow, Oslo, Novosibirsk, Rome, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla, Sofia, Venice, Wien), America (Buenos Aires, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver) and Asia (Shanghai).

They have received in the 12th World Triennal of Architecture in Sofia – Interarch ’09 the Special Prize from the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria with the project “Folding-scraper” for a new skyscraper in Vancouver.

They participated with Studio Nemesi in the section “Uneternal city” in the project “Tran-city” exposed in the 11th Biennale di Venezia in the 2008.

Selected team in the 27/37 international exhibition of young Italian architects, that has been exhibit in the Italian Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo in the section ” Better City – Better Life”.

Winners on 2011 of the Europe 40 Under 40 prize, Europe’s emerging young architects and designers, organized by The European Centre for or Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

They partecipated at XIII BA11-International Biennial de Arquitectura, ‘The City and the world’, in Buenos Aires 2012.

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